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In order for a workplace to be considered hostile in the eyes of the law, an employee must endure constant harassment that is directed toward one or more of the protected classes as defined by law. In other words, the harassment must be based on one's race, gender, religion or age. Poor treatment of an employee by a co-worker who simply does not like the employee is not necessarily illegal. At Sterling Attorneys at Law, our hostile work environment lawyers in Detroit help victims who have had to endure repeated workplace harassment.

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Sexual Harassment and a Hostile Work Environment

Sexual harassment that creates a hostile work environment must result in a situation where the victim feels uncomfortable because of his or her sex. The harassment does not have to involve demands for sexual favors, but rather the harassment creates an uncomfortable and offensive environment.

The mere repeating of sexual jokes between two employees does not necessarily create an offensive work environment. However, if one employee repeatedly tells another employee sexual jokes that the employee finds offensive, it may create a hostile work environment based on sexual harassment. The same applies to pictures, touching, staring and unwanted requests for a date. A hostile work environment due to sexual harassment can victimize both men and women.

Religious Discrimination, Race Discrimination and Hostile Work Environments

When it comes to national origin and religious discrimination, the courts do not make much of a distinction between harassment and discrimination. That is, where one finds discrimination, one is likely to find harassment.

In order to rise to the level of a hostile workplace, the harassment and discrimination must be severe and pervasive. For example, the repeated use of derogatory words or ethnic slurs may create a hostile work environment. These determinations are made on a case-by-case basis. Our attorneys will thoroughly review your situation to see if you have a strong hostile work environment claim.

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