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The terms "sex discrimination," "gender discrimination," and "sexual harassment" encompass a wide variety of case types. Though we would like to think that discrimination in the workplace is a thing of the past, unfortunately it still happens every day. At Sterling Attorneys at Law, our Detroit gender and sex discrimination claim lawyers stand up for the victims of discrimination and harassment in Michigan.

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Sex (Gender) and Pregnancy Discrimination

If a woman or man is treated less favorably in the workplace because of his or her sex, or sexual preference, there may be a valid discrimination claim. For example:

  • A manager or supervisor berates an employee or group of employees based on gender or sexual preference
  • Women or men are singled out and subjected to performance improvement plans (PIPs) or subjected to unreasonable PIPs
  • A woman is treated fairly until she becomes pregnant, then she is harassed, fired or demoted

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace is still a very real occurrence. If a man pressures a woman (or vice versa) to provide sexual favors in exchange for a promotion, increased pay or other benefit, it is considered sexual harassment.

Inappropriate jokes, emails, comments, innuendo, or physical contact can create a hostile work environment that should not be tolerated. Additionally, an employee cannot be fired, demoted, or harassed for ending a consensual relationship with another employee or superior.

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