Employee Class Actions

Class Action Employment Lawsuits in Michigan

In the complex world of employment law, class action lawsuits can be time consuming and expensive. While few firms are interested in taking on these cases, the Detroit lawyers for employee class actions at Sterling Attorneys at Law welcomes them. When a group of employees is wronged by their employer, they deserve justice. Our attorneys will stand up for what is right and fair, and aggressively pursue legitimate class action lawsuits.

If your employer has a questionable policy that affects multiple employees, or your manager introduces a new policy or rule that could be discriminatory, call our law firm at 1-888-486-6305 or contact us online.

Group Lay-Offs, Reduction of Workforce, Loss of Retirement Funds and Denial of Benefits

With the economy suffering and jobs being eliminated on a daily basis, workers may not be paying close enough attention to their severance packages. At Sterling Attorneys at Law, we can review a group's employment contracts and severance agreements, and may be able to help you recover payment for unused vacation and other benefits.

Sample Employee Class Action Lawsuits

Whenever a large number of employees is collectively wronged, there is a potential for a class action lawsuit. Following are several examples of class actions:

  • A group of employees was denied commissions
  • A disproportionate percentage of African Americans face a workforce reduction
  • A group of Muslim employees was refused the right to pray
  • A group of employees was denied minimum wage, overtime pay, tips or rest breaks
  • A group of employees are not paid because an employer canceled the employee bank and withheld existing monies

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