Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)

Attorneys for Performance Improvement Plans in Michigan

The term "performance improvement plan" (or PIP) is a feared word among sales employees. If you have received a performance improvement plan from your employer, you are likely worried about losing your job if you do not meet the expectations outlined in the plan. At Sterling Attorneys at Law, our Detroit performance improvement plan attorneys encourage you to closely examine your PIP and your employer's motives.

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Ensure Your Employer is Fairly Evaluating Your Performance

The sales industry is unique. Though your employer might use certain percentages and quotas, there are many factors above and beyond sales numbers, such as territory, that should be considered when evaluating performance.

At Sterling Attorneys at Law, we don't shy away from the courtroom. Our lawyers know how to aggressively represent sales employees, and we have the successful track record to prove it.

Performance Improvement Plans and Discrimination

Unreasonable performance improvement plans show up many times in cases of age, race, sex, and other forms of discrimination. If an employer wants to oust an employee for an unjust reason, they may attempt to do it under the guise of a performance improvement plan.

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