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November 2011 Archives

Professor's quirk raises interesting employment law issue

If Detroit readers think bank to their college days, they will probably remember professors talking about tenure. Terms of tenure differ from school to school, but in general, tenure is additional job security offered to professors who have taught long enough and performed well enough at a given college or university. The idea is that the professor's job security will mean he or she can enjoy greater academic freedom and run his or her classroom the way he or she wants. Very few grounds for dismissal exist; oftentimes, firing a tenured professor for anything but the most outrageous or egregious conduct will result in claims of wrongful termination.

Former Detroit airport CEO alleges wrongful termination

A controversy has erupted over the dismissal of our client, Detroit Metro Airport CEO Turkia Awada Mullin. She was recently fired, but the board that voted to let her go has refused to articulate a reason for her dismissal.