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October 2013 Archives

Goldman Sachs discrimination suit attracts attention in Michigan

In 2010, three female employees at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. filed a group lawsuit against their former employer, alleging that Goldman Sachs has a pattern of gender discrimination against female associates and vice presidents. The three plaintiffs included a former vice president, a former managing director and a former associate.

Supreme Court clarifies standards for class certification

The Supreme Court's 2011 ruling in Wal-Mart v. Dukes is fast becoming the new seminal citation for employers seeking to prevent employment discrimination plaintiffs from gaining class certification. In the case underlying the Wal-Mart decision, the plaintiffs alleged Wal-Mart engaged in a pattern of systemic gender discrimination, which prevented women from advancing out of lower-paying jobs at a much higher rate than their male associates. Wal-Mart claimed it had a strong anti-discrimination policy and pointed to its local managers, including those in its Detroit stores, who made all personnel decisions.

Analysts reveal new ways that employers surveil employees

According to reports, employers in Michigan and other states have implemented increasingly invasive methods of spying on their employees. Statistics released by the National Workrights Institute revealed that 66 percent of employers track their employees' behaviors via electronic means. Analysts say that many of these methods are completely legal, but they also point out that a number of states have legislation allowing workers who feel like their privacy has been violated to initiate employee rights lawsuits.