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March 2014 Archives

Michigan hospital agrees to settle racial discrimination lawsuit

Workplace discrimination is a serious matter that can lower employee morale. Under federal employment law, employers are required to hire applicants without regard to their gender, faith, political belief, disability or age. Employees should be treated fairly with the same prohibitions in mind. Some employers apparently have a hard time making sure all of their employees follow the rules.

Muslim man awarded $1.1M by Detroit jury for discrimination

A 56-year-old Muslim-American man was awarded one of the largest decisions ever granted in an employment discrimination case by a Detroit federal court jury on Feb. 27. According to the report, the plaintiff had arrived in Michigan more than twenty years ago and became a naturalized citizen. He held a job as a maintenance worker for 17 years with Washtenaw County.

Lack of protection for some temporary employees

Some temporary workers are being exploited in Michigan and around the country by companies seeking to keep them on for years without ever hiring them as full-time employees. These permatemps -- so-called because they are basically permanent workers with temporary status -- are often asked to do the same work as regular employees for less money and without the same benefits or employee rights. Some companies deliberately hire these workers for the most hazardous positions. Data from some states reveal that temporary workers are three times as likely to suffer amputations from accidents at work than permanent employees.