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May 2014 Archives

Michigan wrongful termination lawsuit settled for $300,000

There are sure to be some people in Detroit, Michigan who have either witnessed or experienced unjust treatment from their employer. While some have faced retaliation from their employer in the form of demotion, decreased wages, or cut hours, others have been more unfortunate and lost their jobs. Those who have seen or experienced a wrongful discharge know that the loss of a job based on insubstantial reasons is one of the most difficult situations to have to deal with, both financially and emotionally.

Curbing LGBT discrimination: focus of Michigan business coalition

It is never a good feeling to be treated differently at the workplace. As most Detroit, Michigan, residents might agree, unfair treatment at the workplace for non-professional reasons can be most disempowering. Where such behavior has its roots in attitudes towards race, the law in most states can censure both the employer and individual employees who carry out these offensive acts. But given that the legal ramifications of a person's sexual orientation are still being debated throughout America, it often falls to the employee to counter any incidence of workplace discrimination when it occurs on the basis of sexual orientation.

UPS employee wins suit against Teamsters for violating rights

Workers in Michigan, like elsewhere, expect to have their rights honored by their employers and by their unions if they are required to join. Both employers and unions are expected to honor all state and federal laws relating to employee rights.

Detroit writes five-year employment agreement with labor unions

An agreement with employees or their representatives is binding for both the employer and the employees. It is the foundation upon which a solid relationship is built and it binds people together who have a common goal. Michigan employees would generally agree that employment contracts are final and have to be respected by all parties involved. Even if a company goes out of business, the agreement and the relationship should not fall apart.