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Signs you've been discriminated against at work

In a perfect world everyone in the workplace would be hired and judged based on their skill and merit - not on their gender, age, sexual preference, religious beliefs, or any other category that sets them apart from others. In reality, this may be far from the case.

Race discrimination alleged by former law enforcement officer

There is a misplaced belief that in Michigan and across the United States that various forms of discrimination are in the past, and all people will be treated equally based on the work they do. Unfortunately, it is not the case. People are still confronted with numerous forms of workplace discrimination. This can be race discrimination, discrimination based on gender, age, sexual orientation and much more. Those who are subjected to this treatment might not even be aware that they may in certain circumstances be able to seek compensation through a legal filing. Knowing what is legal and illegal and how to move forward with a case is key to achieving justice.

MI corrections department faces workplace discrimination case

Employment discrimination cases in Michigan often center on an individual's complaint about violations of employee rights, losing a job, or retaliation for raising an issue with the employer. Some cases, however, have to do with workplace discrimination that reaches a level in which the federal government will get involved and take the case on behalf of a group of workers who claim to have been treated unfairly. Those who have a case that might involve behaviors that are so egregious that the Justice Department should get involved need to know how to pursue their claim.

Can job hazards justify pregnancy discrimination in Michigan?

There are various legal protections in place in Michigan to address workplace discrimination against a woman who is pregnant. However, there are areas of nuance that might not be clearly covered by the law or fully known by women. One such nuance arises when there is a hazard in the workplace that can potentially put the fetus in danger. Pregnant women in this situation need to know their legal rights.

Woman alleges workplace discrimination at Michigan company

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently filed a lawsuit against a Michigan manufacturer of milk and juice, alleging that the company engaged in workplace discrimination against female employees. According to the lawsuit, the company repeatedly failed to promote a female employee due to her gender. The woman's experience and time working at the company were significant, but she was continually left behind in favor of male employees when promotion opportunities arose. The EEOC is requesting an injunction to stop the company from repeating this behavior as well as financial compensation for this particular woman.

Transgender woman alleges workplace discrimination at university

When it comes to employee rights and those who have a different sexual identity, the law in Michigan and across the nation is still coming clear. While this is an issue that is only recently coming to the forefront, it does not make it any less important than other forms of discrimination that might take place. Those who are lesbian, gay or transgender and believe they have been subjected to workplace discrimination need to know that they too have the right to seek legal compensation if they have been discriminated against, faced harassment or any other issue at work because of their status.

EEOC allows workplace discrimination lawsuits for LGBTQ people

There is greater attention being paid to various forms of harassment that employees are confronted with in Detroit and across the country. Increasingly, people who have their employee rights violated due to their sexual orientation are becoming aware of their ability to file a case to be compensated. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has begun filing lawsuits because people in the LGBTQ community are facing harassment and discrimination.

Claims of workplace discrimination due to sexual orientation

Employee rights can be violated in a myriad of ways for workers in Michigan. While many forms of harassment and discrimination are well-known and blatantly against the law, there are others that are only recently being legislated against with accompanying legal filings to protect and compensate those whose rights have been violated. Discrimination against workers because of their sexual orientation is now sparking lawsuits as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has argued that federal law against sexual discrimination also protects workers based on their sexual orientation.

Religious discrimination alleged in lawsuit against MI dentist

Workers in Michigan need to know that they have certain rights under the law protecting them from various forms of discrimination. Discrimination can come in many different forms and in many instances, employees might not even be aware that they have been subjected to workplace discrimination or that they have the right to pursue legal compensation for it. When a person thinks that their employee rights have been violated in any way, it is imperative to understand the law and whether a legal filing can be initiated because of the treatment.

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