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Wage and hour disputes on the rise: Are employees' rights being trampled upon?

If a Detroit worker performs eight hours of work, then he or she deserves to be paid for those eight hours. That's a basic presumption of employment law, and even of our society in general. It's so fair and reasonable that you would think no one could argue against it.

Lifeguard fired for saving drowning man; is that wrongful termination?

A story that touches on employment law has grabbed the attention of the national media. Although it has nothing to do with Detroit or Michigan, we thought it might still be worth exploring on our employment law blog since there is a good chance many of our readers have already glanced at the story and have wondered about it.

Smokers not welcome at Detroit hospital - any employment law violation?

The Detroit Medical Center recently announced that it would no longer hire job applicants who smoked and will test employees from now on to make sure that they are not smoking. That does not mean that employees are only not allowed to smoke on the job; it means they are not allowed to smoke at all, period.

Re: Our last post -- employer Facebook-stalking gets worse

Thanks in part to our last post, Detroit readers know that employer sometimes hunt around online for information about a prospective employee. That's nothing new. However, there seems to be some evidence that a new trend has started: employers asking job applicants for their Facebook login information so that they have full access to the person's profile.

Survey: 45 percent of employers use Facebook to screen job applicants

Lots of people here in Detroit have heard warnings about employers using Facebook or other social media sites to screen prospective job applicants, but does that actually happen? Yes, according to a recent survey.

Meat giant Tyson settles discrimination claim for $35,000

Most Michigan consumers know Tyson foods as the company that processes the meat they buy in the grocery store. In fact, Tyson is one of the biggest processors of chicken, beef and pork in the country and employs thousands of people. That's why a recent announcement that it has settled an employment discrimination claim for $35,000 should make other industry players stand up and take notice.

Workers file a record number of employment law-related complaints in 2011

The Equal Opportunity Commission, the federal agency that enforces employees' rights, received a record number of complaints in 2011, just as it did in 2010, the agency reported recently.

Are Silicon Valley tech giants violating employment laws?

It's a tough economy out there, but if a Detroit-area worker is lucky, he or she will occasionally get a call from a recruiter who is offering employment at another organization. These kinds of calls and offers help workers develop a sense of what their skills are worth on an open market; even if a worker does not take the offer, hr or she can leverage it with their current employer andnegotiate for better wages or nicer perks.


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