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Filing discrimination charges

Employee discrimination charges can be filed with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights or with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Discrimination, under Michigan's Elliott-Larson Civil Rights Act, is asserted any time an employer uses race, color, national origin, age, sex, weight, height, marital status, religious beliefs or the arrest record of an individual to preclude them from employment or to harass or treat them unfairly in the workplace.

What to do about discrimination in the workplace

Michigan employment discrimination laws are written to protect one's rights in the workplace. Discrimination is the act of treating an individual or group of people different or unfairly based upon membership in a protected class of people, such as race, sex, age or religion.

Are Michigan laws regarding marijuana use contradictory?

Michigan legislature passes laws, but interpretation is often done at the Court of Appeals. The use of marijuana for medical reasons was passed into law in Michigan in 2008 by a 63 percent voter approval. In 2009, a Walmart employee was discharged from his job after failing a drug test, which came back positive for cannabis. The employee was medically prescribed the drug for sinus cancer and a brain tumor.

As a legal immigrant, am I safe from workplace discrimination?

To be clear, you may not exactly "be safe from" workplace discrimination, but you do have federal protections against discrimination in the workplace. What this means is that while you certainly have a right to be free of discrimination, it could still happen to you in your workplace. Further, if someone – a boss or a co-worker – discriminates against you because of your immigration status, the law can help you find a remedy.

Workplace discrimination in the form of gender bias

The news is awash in stories of harassment and discrimination against women in the workplace. People are shocked and rightly so, but never forget that workplace discrimination based on gender has been a problem for far too many years to count. You should also remember that discrimination and even sexual harassment happens to male workers as well as to female employees.

Things you may not know about age-based workplace discrimination

Many people in the modern world think that they cannot be surprised any longer. Being a worldly and knowledgeable society, it is easy to see why people think this way. However, there are several key points about age-related workplace discrimination in Michigan and elsewhere that may actually astonish you.

Facts about the gender wage gap in Michigan

Did you know that women workers in Michigan earn, on average, only 74 cents for each dollar that their male counterparts earn? In fact, the gender wage gap in Michigan is larger than the national average wage gap, which stands at 82 cents for women for each dollar earned by male workers.

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