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Lawyers Representing Victims of Glass Ceiling Discrimination

The term "glass ceiling" describes a barrier to advancement in employment based on discrimination, especially gender discrimination. Unfortunately, the "old boys club" mentality still exists in corporate America to thwart a talented woman's advance within a company. These days, the glass ceiling effect is more subtle than in the past. Women may find themselves so humiliated, segregated and frustrated that they quit. Our lawyers handle glass ceiling/failure to promote claims in Detroit and throughout Michigan.

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The Glass Ceiling in Executive Offices

Glass ceiling discrimination tends to be indirect in executive offices. Some examples of glass ceiling claims include:

  • Excluding or isolating a woman from meetings
  • Gradually changing job duties
  • Reassigning a man to a woman's tasks
  • Being transferred or having an unexplained territory realignment
  • Never being promoted despite exceptional job performance
  • Being exposed to subtle degrading comments
  • Being assigned stereotypical female job duties

Constructive Discharge

If an employer creates intolerable working conditions in an attempt to force you to quit, you may have a constructive discharge claim. Constructive discharge typically happens when an intolerable change takes place — one that would cause any reasonable employee to quit under the same conditions. Additionally, if you resigned because of sex discrimination or sexual harassment, you may have a constructive discharge claim.

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