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Woman sues over boss’ alleged sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2011 | Employees' Rights |

As we discussed in our last post, sexual harassment is unfortunately alive and well in our society. The latest example? The case of a Utah woman who was allegedly told to wear revealing clothing while at work.

The 44-year-old Utah County woman is suing her former employer over repeated instances of reported sexual harassment. She alleges that her boss often asked her about her breast size, slapped her on the buttocks and implied that they should shower together. He also reportedly offered to give the woman a “free mammogram” when she asked for time off to go to a doctor’s appointment.

The woman also claims she was given a schedule of how she should dress, which included entries like “Wet T-Shirt Wednesday” and “Bikini-top Friday.”

The woman claims that when she reported her supervisor for sexual harassment, he fired her.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is not always this obvious. Readers in Bloomfield Hills should know that almost any comment that makes the receiver feel uncomfortable because of its sexual nature may be a form of harassment.

Even with that guideline, it can still be difficult to determine whether you have been harassed. That is where an employment law attorney may be able to provide assistance. If you feel you may have been subjected to harassment in the workplace, you might want to schedule a consultation with an employment law attorney. He or she will be able to listen to the facts of your situation and assess the strengths of your case.

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