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Federal research lab dinged in age discrimination lawsuit

Federal research and development center Jet Propulsion Laboratory obviously commands exceptional acumen in its oversight of some singular and notably complicated tasks.

Like operating missions to the Moon. Like designing robotic space vehicles. Like managing planetary-orbit operations.

Retention agreements and how to use them

During an acquisition, upper management from the acquiring company typically recognizes the key talent in place at the other organization. After all, it was these people who helped make the company an attractive acquisition target.

Retaining high achievers is a priority. The first step is to create effective retention agreements.

Are our workplaces failing at human resources?

Human resource departments are often the first-place workers go for guidance when experiencing discrimination within the workplace. But are these departments as helpful as we would like? According to one survey, human resource departments throughout the country are failing the very people they are designed to protect: the workers.

Noncompete agreements often center stage in business spats

You can't assume that position with our business rival, given that a prerequisite for doing so will be your use of proprietary information that you took from us when you quit our company beforehand.

Yes, I can, because my new job description differs markedly from what I did during my previous employment. There is no overlap, and thus no need for you to fear my unlawful use of sensitive data.

Multinational financial firm targeted in discrimination lawsuit

Short on widespread discriminatory evidence, but long on damning statistics. That is essentially one summation of a workplace discrimination lawsuit filed recently against mega Wall Street bank Morgan Stanley by an ex-employee.

And not just any former worker. The litigation filed in a federal court the last day of June was commenced by Marilyn Booker, the bank's longtime head of diversity. Booker was reportedly fired last December, and the allegations in her recent legal filing underscore that she has no intent to suffer silently in the wake of her termination.

Social media giant under fire for alleged discrimination

A group of U.S. senators recently drafted a notably forceful letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. They lambasted his company for its “significant gaps between professed commitment to racial justice and the company’s actions and business interests.”

A group of litigants makes a similar point in a discrimination lawsuit they just filed against the social media icon, but in starkly different terms. Their federal class action complaint stresses alleged “unfairness, inequality and hostility that Black workers experience every day at Facebook.”

TV series case highlights workplace sexual harassment of men

For decades, women have been victims of workplace sexual harassment, fighting off unwanted advances and threats from professional counterparts. But it is not just women who can be victims. In scenarios sometimes overlooked, men, too, have been targets of sexual harassment at work.

A recent high-profile case in California related to a long-running television series brings to light this topic. In late May, the state of California filed a lawsuit against CBS, Disney and the producers of the series "Criminal Minds," alleging the show's cinematographer sexually harassed crew members for many years.

Detroit hospital and parent company targeted in whistleblower case

A statement released by a Detroit medical center bases justification for its firing of multiple nurses on alleged “employee admissions of violations of patients’ rights to privacy.”

The terminated nurses – four emergency department employees at Sinai-Grace Hospital – make contrasting claims.


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