Advocating For Your
Workplace Rights
And Interests

Protecting Employees Against Illegal Workplace Treatment

Employees need protection against the wrongful actions of their employers. You may feel powerless against an employer or that your circumstances prevent you from taking action. Our Detroit employment law lawyers at Sterling Employment Law are dedicated to protecting the rights of employees, taking action against employers and ensuring justice in the workplace. In addition, our employment law lawyers can help you negotiate executive compensation agreements, noncompete clauses, assignments of intellectual property rights and severance packages. Many times, you have more power to negotiate than might be apparent. We will work to ensure that you get the best deal possible from your employer.

If you have been wronged by an employer, supervisor or co-worker, our attorneys can help you recover the compensation you deserve from your employer. To speak with an experienced employment law attorney, please call 248-633-8916 .

Protecting Your Rights and Job Security

We have helped many executives and C-level employees negotiate signing bonuses, interpret employee contracts and conclude an agreement over a potential severance package. If you have been terminated with a noncompete clause in your employee contract, we can help you understand whether the terms of the noncompete are still enforceable.

In addition to executives, we routinely represent sales representatives; nurses, doctors and other hospital employees; and university employees.

Discrimination and Harassment at Work Are Illegal

If you have been harassed or feel that you are a victim of discrimination or were wrongfully terminated, our attorneys will aggressively pursue your claim. Preparation and investigation are crucial in employment law matters, especially in these areas. Sometimes, the employee has to take affirmative steps to stop the harassment or discriminatory treatment before a suit is possible.

Were You Fired for an Illegal Reason?

In many instances, an employer may fire an at-will employee (an employee without a contract) for any reason. However, the employee may have recourse to file a wrongful termination suit in situations where the firing was for an illegal purpose.

If you believe you were wrongfully fired, we can help you investigate a discrimination claim. If you feel you are a victim of harassment, we can help with pretermination counseling on the proper steps to take so that you can begin to build a case against your employer.

Pursuing Justice and Compensating You for Wrongdoing
We strive to avoid costly litigation through negotiation and settlement, but we are prepared to take any case to trial. Our attorneys are aggressive in their pursuit of justice in disputes involving wrongful termination. It is our duty to ensure that your rights are protected — and that you are fairly compensated for any wrongdoing.

Skilled Representation in All Employment Law Matters

In addition to harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination claims, our firm has experience representing clients in cases involving employee benefit disputes, whistleblower and retaliation claims and class action employment lawsuits.

Our attorneys do not solely represent employees — they also have successfully represented employers. While few firms do both, we feel that this practice lets our lawyers know what to expect from the defense and help the employee to outmaneuver the employer.

Contact Our Firm to Learn More About Your Rights

To speak with an employment law attorney about your case, please contact us online. Our lawyers are happy to consult with you regarding your rights and legal options. We normally take our employment cases on a contingent fee basis. If you do not recover for your claim, neither do we.