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Workplace Rights
And Interests

Maximize Your Leverage Before You Strike a Deal

When you are offered a position with a new company, the employment contract you are presented with may not sufficiently protect you. At the Michigan law firm Sterling Employment Law, our Detroit employment contract attorneys encourage clients from across the country to contact us to maximize their leverage before agreeing to the deal – you lose all your negotiating leverage after you join the company. Make sure your employer cannot discharge you at will without severance or hold you to an unacceptable noncompete agreement.

Call us at 248-633-8916 to set up a confidential consultation. We will review your employment contract and make sure that your rights are properly represented.

Helping You Take Advantage of Negotiation Leverage

These are the types of issues that should be negotiated upfront while you have the leverage to negotiate:

  • Compensation, including bonuses, incentives and commissions
  • Stock options
  • Benefits, including retirement plans
  • Change in control (CIC) provisions
  • Overly restrictive noncompetition clauses
  • Severance pay provisions
  • Job description/duties
  • Relocation expenses

Not addressing these issues upfront may hurt you. Even if the first draft of your employment agreement seems standard and looks fair, it’s what is missing that might leave you unprotected. Additionally, employers often add overly restrictive noncompetition clauses that only favor them. These clauses will likely have a drastic effect on your future after you leave the company. At Sterling Employment Law, we will go through your employment contract with a fine-tooth comb, closely reviewing what is included and adding what isn’t.

Contact Our Attorneys

If you are seeking strong legal representation in developing an employment contract or reviewing a severance agreement, call 248-633-8916 to consult with one of our Detroit area employment lawyers. If you have questions, you can also contact us online. From our Michigan offices, we handle contract negotiations for executives throughout the United States.