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Military vets claim they are illegally being discriminated against

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2012 | Employees' Rights |

Everyone wants to support the troops, but when it comes to doing more than just putting a yellow-ribbon bumper sticker on one’s car, some people fall off the wagon.

It is important that any Detroit resident who is a member of the military and gets deployed knows that he or she cannot be fired or penalized for his or her service. Surely there are plenty of employers who know it is wrong to discriminate against military members, but given how many active military members allege that they are discriminated against because they had to go serve abroad, it seems there are just as many employers who do not know that.

Every year, about 1,000 National Guard, reserve and active-duty troop members come back from service abroad. Sadly, transitioning back into real life is often a difficult process and for many, getting their jobs back is part of the aggravation. It seems many places do not realize they can’t penalize active-duty military members or else do not understand what conduct is and is not acceptable.

Even the federal government seems to struggle here. Eighteen percent of the complaints filed last year alleging a violation of the law prohibiting discrimination against military members pertained to work with or for the federal government.

We all wish it were easier for returning service members to get back up to speed with civilian life. If you or someone you know ever encounters trouble getting his or her job back after military duty, please remember that military members deserve not only our respect but certain rights as well. A consultation with an attorney who handles employment law may help you learn more.

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