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Employees at Michigan McDonalds join suit against fast-food giant

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2014 | Employment Disputes |

Employees are the core of many businesses in the U.S. Unfortunately, some companies fail to properly compensate the hard work and dedication of their staff, paying extremely low wages and sometimes even withholding the income they rightfully deserve.

There are a number of McDonald’s restaurants in Detroit, Michigan. Although the fast-food chain giant tries to maintain a positive image, its reputation is about to be challenged after dissatisfied employees filed a class action lawsuit against the company, claiming wage theft.

The fast-food giant allegedly did not pay employees the legally required time-and-a-half when they worked overtime. McDonald’s is also accused of not paying staff for work done before or after their shift began and requiring people to work, unpaid, during breaks. Other offenses include, not providing workers with meal breaks and not reimbursing job-related expenses to delivery workers.

This is not the first time McDonald’s was involved in unfair pay practices. Earlier this year, a McDonald’s franchise was found culpable of infringing on the Fair Labor Standards Act. The court awarded back pay and damages to 300 employees, who had worked extensive overtime and were, essentially, making less than minimum wage.

Although wage theft is rampant in low-wage industries, this class action suit has caught the attention of many people and is highlighting how well-known companies exploit their employees while strengthening their own bottom line. Many fast-food workers across the country have voiced their concerns regarding unfair pay practices; often risking their jobs. Now, those involved with this class action may see their day in court.

Fortunately, under employment law regulations, Michigan employees have the right to file a lawsuit against employers that do not provide fair compensation. A legal professional can help an unpaid or underpaid employee and provide a sound, legal course of action.

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