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A Michigan attorney can resolve employment disputes

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2014 | Employment Disputes |

Senior executives and corporate officers in Michigan and Detroit who face employment disputes are often referred to large corporate firms. The attorneys of these firms may be experienced with employment law, but may not have the proper mindset. They may not be suited to handle employment law disputes that typically involve employment contracts, severance agreements, discrimination or issues related to whistleblowing. Incentive compensation, stock options and other compensation-related matters can often form the basis of employment contracts.

But what happens when there is a change in control at a corporate house? These changes may be triggered by another company acquiring the corporate house or another stockholder acquiring a majority stake in the company. Even the reshuffling of the board of directors may bring about a change in a corporate house.

When these changes take place in a corporate house, they may take place at the highest levels of the company. If there are any employment disputes as a result of this change and you’re terminated, then you need to protect your retirement benefits, stock options and any other benefits. Of course, adequate compensation is also something that you should seek.

In these cases, an attorney needs to break free from the established mind-set and look at things from your perspective. Corporate in-house employees are not always well-suited for fighting for an employee’s interests. Executives need superior service and for this they need to consult a qualified Michigan attorney so that any employment dispute is resolved wisely.

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