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Employee rights in Michigan per MIOSHA

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2014 | Employees' Rights |

Michigan employees enjoy certain rights as specified by the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act, also known as MIOSHA. First and foremost, an employee is entitled to work in a place that is free from all occupational hazards that can cause injury or death. The employer must also inform an employee of all obligations and protections provided by MIOSHA. Certain other employee rights are enumerated as well.

The employer must pay for and provide protective equipment, if required. Any variance to this standard can be decided by a hearing. If an employee believes that a violation of any safety standard has occurred, an inspection by MIOSHA can be requested. In such a case, the employee’s name will not be revealed to the employer. Michigan employee rights also stipulate that if a department believes an inspection is not needed then employees of that department must also be notified.

Any imminent danger identified in the workplace can be communicated to management without any written notice. If no danger is identified after investigation, an employee has the right to be notified as well. Employee rights are very detailed and, as an employee, you may also request a hearing to address final deposition of any complaint. An employee is also entitled to attend all meetings that are held between an employer and MIOSHA regarding a complaint.

An employee is also entitled to payment of wages and other benefits. Any workplace discrimination against an employee due to a MIOSHA investigation is prohibited. You, as an employee, can also take steps against illegal workplace discrimination by filing a case with the licensing and regulatory affairs department in Michigan.

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