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Law covers Michigan workers’ employee wages and benefits

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2015 | Employees' Rights |

Every worker wants to be paid on time. To ensure that workers in Michigan receive their wages and benefits on a timely basis, state lawmakers passed the Payment of Wages and Fringe Benefits Act in 1978 to set clear guidelines for both workers and employers. The act ensures that the following employee rights are protected.

First, employees have the right to receive wages at fixed intervals-weekly, biweekly, and so on. Certain employees such as “hand harvesters,” or migrant farm workers, must be paid weekly. Second, employees have the right to receive fringe benefits such as compensation for holidays, time off for injuries, illnesses, personal reasons, vacations and any expenses they incur during the course of their jobs – as specified in a written contract.

In addition, employees must receive wages and benefits up to the day they resign or are dismissed and on regularly scheduled dates unless an employment contract specifies otherwise. Hand harvesters are entitled to be paid the day they are dismissed or within three days of quitting.

Employees also have the right to receive wages without deductions except for legally required deductions or those that are part of any collective bargaining agreement, unless authorized by a worker. Employees have the right to be employed without paying anything to their employers except for any payments required to compensate an employment agency.

Michigan employees have the right to receive pay statements for their future reference and use that clearly display the wages received, numbers of hours worked, gross wages earned and detailed listing of all deductions made unless employees specify otherwise. Lastly, employees have the right to receive their wages by check, money order, cash or direct deposit in bank or credit union accounts.

To further understand employee rights under the act, employees can read the complete Payment of Wages and Fringe Benefits Act. It is always good to have helpful information, and lawyers that focus on employment law may be able to further explain Michigan employee rights.


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