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The attorneys at Sterling Attorneys at Law PC have defended the rights of employees in lawsuits for decades. Under Michigan law, employees are entitled to several rights in order to ensure their well-being in the workplace. If any of their rights have been violated by the employer, the employee has the statutory right to initiate a lawsuit against the employer.

One of the most basic employee rights is the right to be free from workplace discrimination. Employers are prohibited by state laws from discriminating against their employees on the basis of gender, age, sexual orientation or any other reason that is unjustifiable and not related to the employee’s work performance.

If an employee is facing workplace discrimination, he or she has the right under Michigan law to contact the authorities. Proving such discrimination can be difficult for many employees, however. Engaging professional legal help may be beneficial in such cases.

An employee also has the right under the law to obtain workers’ compensation in the event of an injury suffered by the employee in the course of his or her employment. In most cases, the defense attorneys may try and make a case that the alleged injury was a prior injury and was unrelated to the employee’s work. Such cases may be difficult to prove in a court of law. Medical experts, as well as investigation reports, may be brought forth to prove the case in court.

Any disputes that may arise due to unfair provisions of employment contracts or unlawful discrimination may be addressed through legal procedures. The attorneys at Sterling Attorneys At Law PC have helped many employees get back their dignity and justice through proper legal procedures.


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