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On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination |

Some people believe it is a thing of the past, but we want you to be aware that sexual harassment and gender-based workplace discrimination is still a problem in Michigan. These work-related issues may more difficult to identify, but they certainly still happen and you can fight back with the law’s protection.

Below are some facts to consider regarding sexual harassment according to the EEOC.

— In 2011, more than 11,300 sexual harassment claims were filed.

— To the surprise of many, males filed 16.3 percent of these harassment claims.

— Eighty-eight percent of female workers say they have been sexually harassed.

— Over 50 percent of reported sexual harassment victims did not know how to report the conduct.

— Twelve percent of harassment victims received termination threats if they refused to comply with requests for sexual favors.

— White collar industries like banking and finance have the most incidences of sexual harassment.

Gender-based workplace discrimination is also a problem for many workers in the state, especially females. According to a 2015 article published on, the median wage for male workers in Wayne County was $39,135 while the median wage for women workers was $26,898. This is just one peek at how workplace discrimination can wear a disguise, even a perfectly legal one.

We want you to know that you do not have to sit still and take unwanted and outright illegal behaviors. Employment law attorneys have many resources available to assist the Detroit workforce with both sexual harassment and workplace discrimination. For further information about the legal solutions available to victims, please explore our website. Alternatively, we invite you to reach out to our staff for personalized legal assistance.


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