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Women executives and employment contracts in Michigan

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Employment Contracts |

There is no denying that women and employment legislation have come a very long way in the executive realm. Despite these ongoing improvements to the nation’s employment laws, gender inequality in the executive workplace remains both controversial and concerning.

Women of today enjoy the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder and find a place among male executives. However, many women still lag behind their male counterparts in terms of pay, equal rights, job advancement and other key areas.

In our practice, we routinely advise female executives to pay careful attention to employment contracts before signing. This is your first line of defense in ensuring that you are treated fairly in all areas of your employment. You may already be prepared to negotiate, but you must arguably be extra cautious when it comes to certain elements common in executive level contracts.

We would like to highlight one such element: the arbitration clause. Many employment contracts of the modern world contain one or more arbitration clauses. These can be concerning because they may rob you of the power to act when and if you are treated improperly or illegally.

For example, if you are subjected to workplace discrimination or sexual harassment, an arbitration clause could prevent you from seeking a remedy before a Michigan jury of your peers. Instead, a neutral third party will likely resolve the matter with the public never learning about any wrongdoing you may have suffered.

Not all arbitration clauses are concerning. In fact, some of them bring valuable benefits to employees and employers alike. However, it is still crucial to review employment contracts carefully before making a commitment. Feel free to browse our articles on employment contracts to increase your knowledge about executive employment in the Detroit area.


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