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A snapshot of county-wide corruption uncovered by whistleblowers

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Whistleblowers |

It may be difficult to believe that wrongdoing could corrupt practically an entire county, but if the media is to be believed, it has happened right here in Michigan. The county is Macomb and the corruption scandal has already resulted in charges filed against 16 defendants.

We decided to talk a little about the ongoing Macomb County corruption scandal in order to show how even just one whistleblower can lead to an in-depth investigation of illegal and unethical activities. So far, the scandal has shown that many of the county’s elected officials have allegedly accepted bribes of cash and favors in exchange for helping these businesses win contracts.

At least one whistleblower has been critical in shining a spotlight on these wrongdoings. Further, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) went on to recruit several officials with Washington Township to uncover even more corruption. Specifically, the owner of an engineering firm allegedly tried to bribe these officials with cash, a fishing trip and a “secret financial interest in a property development deal.” He is the latest defendant to be indicted in the scandal.

We want to urge anyone who is thinking about becoming a whistleblower to follow the Macomb County case. Our attorneys believe that seeing real world examples of the difference a whistleblower can make will help these individuals take steps to do the right thing.

We also want you to understand that whistleblowers in Michigan and elsewhere are entitled to government protections for taking action. You can learn more about these legal protections on our website. You may also reach out to our law firm if you need specific information.


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