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Understanding the nation’s whistleblower laws

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Whistleblowers |

The laws that govern our nation are quite complex, making it difficult for those without a legal education to understand them in-depth. To make matters even more confusing, laws change frequently as the country continues to evolve and grow. New laws are passed as needed and outdated laws are removed as they become obsolete.

Whistleblower laws are especially complex and contain many separate statutes, depending upon the industry and location in question. Each state, including Michigan, has its own set of governing laws. While these statutes are often similar from state to state, it is wise for potential whistleblowers to learn as much as possible about whistleblower law in their geographical region. Unfortunately, this can be a daunting task for those who just wish to expose wrongdoing.

As ethical employment law attorneys, we cannot give whistleblowers specific advice without entering into a lawyer/client relationship. However, we can suggest that those who wish to expose wrongdoing without suffering retaliation seek out a legal representative to counsel them during the process. This will give potential whistleblowers a great amount of protection before, during and after they report unethical or illegal activities in the workplace.

Further, working with a lawyer gives you access to the laws that pertain to your whistleblower efforts. This means you will not need to learn about the many statutes that do not apply to your case. Instead, you can put your focus where it truly belongs: on bringing those who would engage in illegal and unethical activities to justice.

Becoming a whistleblower is a big decision, and it is yours and yours alone. It makes sense to seek up-to-date information about the process before you make the choice. We invite you to explore our blog and our firm’s website for help in understanding these laws.


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