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Whistleblower platform may make it easier to report wrongdoing

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2019 | Whistleblowers |

If you have ever witnessed illegal or unethical activities in your Detroit workplace, chances are that you thought twice about reporting these activities. Without guaranteed confidentiality and protection against retaliation, many would-be whistleblowers hesitate before speaking out. Some of them may never speak out because of retaliation and confidentiality concerns.

One company may have a solution for potential whistleblowers who concerned about reporting. This company has developed a secure, confidential and encrypted tool called SafeWhistle that enables workers to report wrongdoing on a web-based platform. The company is based in Michigan, but it could work for industries all across the nation.

The platform is intended to provide value to industries and workers alike. Employers can use SafeWhistle to provide their workers with a method of reporting that protects the identity of whistleblowers. This can help employers address potential problems before they grow unmanageable. When employees spot wrongdoing, they can use the platform to make an anonymous report to their superiors.

SafeWhistle keeps a record of each report, tracking the complaint through its investigative efforts as well as its final resolution. Entities that have no method of reporting in place for whistleblowers may find that the reporting platform helps to prevent potential legal problems. For workers who do not know how to report signs of unethical workplace activities, SafeWhistle may be a good solution.

A word of caution: Most employment law attorneys applaud all efforts to facilitate a transparent working environment. However, even with safe and anonymous reporting platforms, it is still wise for whistleblowers to speak with a lawyer. This provides you with another layer of protection against potential retaliation if you decide to speak out.


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