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Nursing Home Complaint Center wants Detroit whistleblowers

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2019 | Whistleblowers |

As you may already know, Medicare and Medicaid fraud cost the United States billions of dollars, which has a way of trickling down to affect all citizens. When this type of fraud occurs in a skilled nursing facility or in a nursing home, it may also put the residents in these facilities at risk of harm. To fight against this fraud, the Nursing Home Complaint Center is looking for whistleblowers who are prepared to help call out these fraudulent activities.

Many cases of Medicare and Medicaid fraud involve overbilling the government for services that patients never received. For example, nursing facilities often bill these government programs to cover the services provided by a full staff of workers. However, many of these homes do not employ a full staff at all and instead are “grossly short-staffed.”

The Complaint Center is recruiting potential whistleblowers to tell the truth about what goes on in the facilities that are supposed to care for the nation’s vulnerable elder citizens. Those who are coming forward to expose nursing home billing fraud include former employees who are disturbed about the inadequate care patients receive in these understaffed facilities.

Unfortunately, some facilities are too small to initiate a fraud case. The Center has an answer for this as well. It is encouraging those with knowledge about fraud in nursing facilities to come forward and help expose the homes that routinely endanger the lives of elders.

Specifically, the Center is on the hunt for whistleblowers in America’s top metro areas, including the city of Detroit. It is asking personal injury firms that handle elder abuse cases to call them with information about suspicious injuries or deaths in skilled facilities and nursing homes.

Alternatively, those who suspect Medicaid/Medicare fraud in Michigan nursing facilities can report illegal billing in other ways. If you would prefer to acquire legal advice before blowing the whistle, consider taking your story to a local law firm.


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