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What are some examples of disability discrimination at work?

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

As you likely know, any form of workplace discrimination is prohibited under federal law. However, having these laws in place does not always deter employers and coworkers from displaying discriminatory behaviors. In truth, many members of the Detroit workforce still experience workplace discrimination. One of the most heinous forms of such discrimination targets those with disabilities.

Employment law is already quite complicated. When disability discrimination occurs, most Michigan victims have no idea about how to take action against those who mistreat them at work. Complicating matters further, it is not always easy to identify such behaviors. To help workers recognize unfair treatment, please look at the following examples of workplace discrimination against disabled employees.

  • Harassing behaviors such as frequent derogatory and/or offensive comments from a supervisor or a coworker
  • Refusing to provide reasonable workplace accommodations to workers with a disability
  • Questioning applicants about disabilities during the interview and hiring process
  • Refusing to hire an applicant because he or she has a disability
  • Failing to promote a worker solely because of his or her disability
  • Terminating a disabled worker’s employment based solely on a disability

Now that you have some examples to use in drawing a comparison with your own situation, you should have a good idea if you are suffering from workplace discrimination. A good next step is taking your concerns to an attorney for review.

Your lawyer can look at your situation with an experienced eye and help you determine your next steps. As your advocate and your legal representative, your attorney will ensure that your rights remain protected throughout your goal of finding a remedy.


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