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Whistleblowers are critical in making America a wonderful place

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2019 | Whistleblowers |

Fraud in all of its forms undermines the efforts honest U.S. citizens make to enrich our nation. Whether it is massive corporate schemes or unethical small business activities, fraud continues to plague Michigan and the entire country. Fortunately, whistleblowers continue to emerge from the shadows, intent on fighting against wrongdoing of any type.

In our practice, many people visit our offices unsure about whether they wish to expose illegal and unethical activities. We cannot tell you what you should do in these situations. What we can do is to share with you how whistleblowers consistently help to make our country better for all of its citizens.

It is safe to say that most people decide to blow the whistle on fraud to protect the public. When you care enough about people you do not know to speak out against fraud, you are already making the nation better. In turn, your courage in taking action inspires other citizens to call attention to fraudulent activities. This continuing cycle of morality in the business and corporate world can deter fraud before it ever happens.

Whistleblowers also fill an extremely valuable role in holding fraudsters to account for their poor ethics before the public. This, too, can be an effective deterrent against committing fraud. Members of the corporate world, in particular, take many steps to protect their reputations. The risk of public exposure threatens these reputations, which makes many would-be fraudsters think twice about going through with their illegal plans.

Again, we cannot tell potential whistleblowers to call out fraud. We can simply hope that they will decide to do the right thing for the good of Detroit and the rest of America. In turn for doing your duty to protect the nation, we and other whistleblower lawyers, will do everything in our power to protect you from retaliation. Please continue browsing our website if you wish to learn more.


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