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Diversity and inclusion may be getting their day in Michigan

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination |

Diversity became an important term about 20 years ago when Michigan and many other states wanted to create a new workplace culture without the old practices that kept good workers on the outside looking in. But, in many ways, it was downgraded to a buzzword that guided some trainings and policies without helping the people who needed it.

Now, some business leaders are encouraging others to consider inclusion, or bringing in more of the diverse elements that give the Wolverine State a strong workforce and a tradition of progress. Part of this effort is defining diversity and inclusion as useful terms for employers and employees alike.

Diversity cuts in many different directions, as people can define their personal identity in many ways just as parts of society define it by the most apparent features, like a person’s appearance. Inclusion is the effort to welcome or bring all possible identities into an environment like a workplace.

Why is this so important? Workers and businesses alike benefit from inclusion. Employees feel more welcome to be themselves, and employers attract the best talent by being progressive institutions willing to stand up for inclusion as a core tenet of their business. Workers can always request that their employers define or redefine their anti-discrimination policies for this sort of clarity.

Anyone who feels like the victim of discrimination in the workplace may have a case to encourage their employer or former employer to embrace inclusion. A case in civil court can help victims get their careers back on track and make changes where they matter. An attorney can discuss the details and work out if this is the right decision.


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