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Michigan senators consider more whistleblower protections

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2020 | Whistleblowers |

A government service is not serving the citizens that it was designed to help. A product could pose a danger to the people who use it and bring it into their homes. A car lacks a safety feature that could save lives. There are many reasons that a person could feel the need to report a problem, and there are sadly many ways a person could pay for that decision.

But the employees who try to protect the citizens and consumers of Michigan deserve the right to speak their truths. In a move dating back to the discovery of dangerous public water in Flint and other cities in the Wolverine State, lawmakers are seeking more whistleblower protections in the state law books with a new bill.

“I think that our law should protect whistleblowers,” according to a state senator sponsoring the bill. “When people are taking a courageous action and putting their career at risk to protect people in their community or wherever it is they work, those folks deserve protection.”

Current law prohibits the firing, threatening or harassment of employees who internally report legal violations by a company, government or an individual official. An update may also disallow the same when a person reports a planned or potential violation.

Whistleblowers who feel they were unfairly punished for making the attempt to save time, lives and trouble may have a case for financial damages or professional reinstatement. An attorney can review the facts of a case and determine the best way to strike back against treatment that no one should suffer.


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