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Are our workplaces failing at human resources?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination |

Human resource departments are often the first-place workers go for guidance when experiencing discrimination within the workplace. But are these departments as helpful as we would like? According to one survey, human resource departments throughout the country are failing the very people they are designed to protect: the workers.

How do we know human resource departments are failing workers?

Zety, a popular career site, recently conducted a pole to determine how helpful human resources departments are for workers. The organization reports 926 Americans participated in the survey and found 46% of workers chose not to discuss workplace discrimination with the HR department for fear of retaliation. Another 39% stated they refrained from reporting because they did not believe the HR department would take their concerns seriously.

What does this mean for employers?

The current coronavirus pandemic may serve as an impetus to review corporate policy. Look over the policy for reporting to HR and see if it aligns with the goal of the corporate culture. If not, take this opportunity to update the policy to better reflect the company’s goals.

What does this mean for workers?

Unfortunately, the fact that workers are uncomfortable reporting issues does not mean that they are free from discrimination. Those who are the subject of workplace discrimination have options. Ideally, review the workplace handbook and follow the procedure. If a formal complaint does not lead to a satisfactory result, seek legal counsel. An attorney can review your situation and discuss your options in more detail.


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