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Pregnancy shouldn’t affect your job offer

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2022 | Pregnancy Discrimination |

For the first few months of pregnancy, it can be a woman’s secret. Unless she has serious symptoms, no one around her may notice her changing body. However, some time in the second trimester, it will often become impossible to hide a pregnancy.

Under the law, pregnant women have protection from discrimination by current or potential future employers. Pregnancy is a protected medical condition that should not factor into hiring decisions. Unfortunately, pregnant women often find that employers will not follow through on a job offer after learning about their condition.

Did you lose an offer after you disclosed your pregnancy or showed up for an interview?

You are under no obligation to tell your current or prospective new employer about a pregnancy. However, you may do so out of common courtesy while negotiating the terms of your employment contract. If the company no longer wants to follow through with the contract, then their change of heart may largely have to do with your pregnancy.

If you didn’t make a formal disclosure but had to go in for an interview when you already had a tentative job offer, someone from the company noticing your pregnancy could have cost you that job. The company should not revoke an offer of employment or cease negotiations with you because of your pregnancy.

If you had a firm offer and now are left without a job in the last months of your pregnancy, the employer who withdrew their offer may have discriminated against you. Identifying pregnancy discrimination when it occurs can help you fight back.


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