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Why ageism deprives companies of the benefits of older workers

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2022 | Age discrimination |

Any type of discrimination in the workplace is unacceptable and damaging to all parties. Discrimination comes in numerous forms, and ageism is an angle that is often overlooked. 

Age is considered a protected characteristic in law at both the state and federal levels. You cannot be singled out, denied employment opportunities or fired on the sole basis of your age. 

Discriminatory behavior is always founded upon biases and misconceptions. Recognizing some of the positive contributions that older workers bring to the table could help to break down these barriers. 

With age comes experience 

Most jobs require a certain level of skill. In general, skills and attributes take time to develop. In some scenarios, where specialist work is carried out, the only available workers may be of advancing age. This type of experience cannot be disregarded. Older workers play a key role in passing the torch onto the next generation, which is fundamental to the success of any corporation. 

Familiarity with customers 

In any business, you want your customers to trust you. Smaller businesses, in particular, rely on customer service skills to top the competition. Regular customers will appreciate a familiar face and some business relationships take years to build. This cannot happen without older workers. 

A diverse workforce is a positive thing 

Various research suggests that a workforce that contains people of all ages and backgrounds can be profitable. Employees should be judged solely on their job performance and not their age, religion or creed. 

As a worker in Michigan, you have a legal right to work in an environment that is free from hostility and discrimination. If you feel like your rights have been violated, take a closer look at your legal options


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