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Changes in management could lead to discrimination

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2022 | Workplace Discrimination |

You never sensed any discrimination from your boss when you got your job. They treated you just the same way they treated all the other employees, and you felt like a valued part of the team.

However, that person has now left their position and the owner of the company brought in a new supervisor to run things. This is a critical point in the company’s future. It’s also a time when employees need to be wary that discrimination may happen. Any time there is a change-over like this, you want to watch out for differences in policy afterward.

A rise in terminations

One example of how this could happen is if the new boss decides to revamp the workforce by firing a lot of people who are already employed there. If these individuals are all in the same protected class, that could show that the new boss is discriminating against them. For instance, if they come in and quickly fire all of the workers who are over 50 years old, this could be an example of age discrimination.

Remember that companies that do this will often try to hide it. For instance, the new boss may say that they are simply eliminating those positions entirely. They will try to claim that it’s just a fluke that all of the eliminated positions were held by older workers. Then they’ll create new positions with different job titles, but they’ll be effectively the same jobs. This gives the boss a way to hire younger workers into the positions to try to cover up the discrimination that took place.

Things like this can become very complicated, but you definitely want to know about your legal options if you think your rights have been violated


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