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Handling promotion discrimination and protecting your rights

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Workplace Discrimination |

Not only is workplace discrimination unacceptable in any industry or business, but it’s also illegal. While being passed over for a promotion is disappointing, it can also impact your life in other ways. For example, if you don’t earn a promotion based on discrimination, it can impact your earning potential and your ability to advance in your career.

Some examples of promotion discrimination include not being selected for an opportunity based on national origin, disability, race, religious affiliation, age or gender. You have legal rights if you were passed over for a promotion because of one of these factors.

Did you get passed over?

Your employer cannot promote an employee or disqualify someone based on one of the protected factors mentioned above. If you suspect discrimination, filing a legal claim against your employer may be possible.

If you believe this is the case, make sure you keep any messages and correspondence you have with your employer related to the promotion or that may be seen as discriminatory.

Even if you plan to pursue legal action against your employer for promotion discrimination, you must continue performing your job until this happens. This will ensure your employer has no legitimate claim as to why you didn’t receive the promotion and someone else did.

Protecting your rights to a discrimination-free work environment

You have legal rights if you believe you were not promoted because of discrimination. Knowing what these are will help you get justice for your situation. Remember, you can receive damages if you can prove that discrimination is why you were passed over for a promotion. Keep this in mind moving forward to ensure you receive the same treatment as your co-workers. 


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