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Were lifeguards fired over “Gangnam Style” video wrongfully terminated?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2012 | Wrongful Termination |

Have you seen the music video for “Gangnam Style“? Lots of people in Detroit have.

Thanks to its catchy sound, unusual dance moves and intriguingly unfamiliar imagery, this Korean rap video has gone viral on sites like YouTube. Even if U.S. viewers can’t understand the lyrics, (“Gangnam Style” is a reference to people who live in an affluent neighborhood of Seoul), they clearly like what they see.

But “Gangnam Style” has also gotten some lifeguards in El Monte, California, in trouble.

The lifeguards, 14 in all, made a video parodying “Gangnam Style.” The video was made on when the lifeguards were not on the clock and they said they made the video as a tribute to how much they love their jobs.

However, the lifeguards did film their video on the grounds of The El Monte Aquatic Center and they were wearing their city-issued swimming suits. The City of El Monte issued a statement saying the lifeguards’ video violated an agreement they all signed not to use city property for private purposes.

This didn’t fly with the lifeguards. One called the firing an “overreaction.”

The lifeguards said they plan to bring the issue up at the next city council meeting.

Without knowing more about what sort of employment arrangement the lifeguards had with the city, we cannot say for certain whether this is a case of wrongful termination. However, any employee who has concerns or questions about how or why he or she was let go from a job may want to consider at least discussing the issue with an employment law attorney. Gathering more information is rarely a bad move.

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