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Michigan wrongful termination lawsuit settled for $300,000

On Behalf of | May 28, 2014 | Wrongful Termination |

There are sure to be some people in Detroit, Michigan who have either witnessed or experienced unjust treatment from their employer. While some have faced retaliation from their employer in the form of demotion, decreased wages, or cut hours, others have been more unfortunate and lost their jobs. Those who have seen or experienced a wrongful discharge know that the loss of a job based on insubstantial reasons is one of the most difficult situations to have to deal with, both financially and emotionally.

Recently, news reports of a wrongful termination lawsuit appeared prominently in Michigan media. According to those reports, authorities in nearby Clayton Township settled a termination lawsuit filed against the township by the township’s former police chief for a sum of $300,000.

The lawsuit was filed by the former chief on grounds that he was wrongfully terminated and that the Clayton Township administration had interfered with his employment contract. The lawsuit was filed in May 2009, and since then, the former police chief has moved on to become the elected supervisor of Gaines Township, Michigan.

Officials from Clayton Township said that $85,000 of the settlement amount would be taken from the township’s general fund while the remaining $215,000 would come from the township’s insurance company. They also stated that the township wants to put this lawsuit behind them and move forward and concentrate on infrastructure development and maintenance in the township. The attorney representing Clayton Township also said that the settlement is seen as fair by both parties.

During a person’s career, there can be a number of instances where an employee may feel victimized by his or her employer, which may ultimately lead to a wrongful termination. In such situations, it is always better to understand the legal options available in order to reach a financially favorable outcome. However, since a lot of people from Michigan have limited knowledge of employment laws, it may be a wiser option to consult with an experienced employment attorney.

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