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Workplace discrimination in the form of gender bias

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination |

The news is awash in stories of harassment and discrimination against women in the workplace. People are shocked and rightly so, but never forget that workplace discrimination based on gender has been a problem for far too many years to count. You should also remember that discrimination and even sexual harassment happens to male workers as well as to female employees.

Below you will find some timely examples of workplace discrimination that can happen to either gender. This information can help you determine if you are suffering from gender-based discrimination in your workplace. It can also raise awareness about these issues within the Michigan workforce.

If you have applied for any position in your company and been denied based on your gender instead of your qualifications and ability, it is workplace discrimination. Examples include denying a qualified woman a security or maintenance position and denying a qualified man an administrative or secretarial position.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment in some form still runs rampant in the American workplace and it happens to both genders. For example, both male and female employees could be asked to provide sexual favors in exchange for promotion or pay increases.

Speaking of promotions, you have probably heard of the “glass ceiling” that prevents workers from climbing the employment ladder. It is true that workplace discrimination in this form is typically more of a problem for women than men. However, consider the concept that a male could be employed in a female dominant company and experience the same glass ceiling difficulties a woman faces in male dominant businesses.

Regardless of what you hear in the news now and going forward, it is important to remember that workplace discrimination is an “every person” problem. Discrimination laws in our nation give every person the right to take action against such behaviors. Please speak with a legal professional if you are suffering from workplace discrimination.

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