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The glass ceiling is still out of reach for Detroit women

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

When Hillary Clinton failed to become the nation’s first female president in America, many women took this as a sign that things are not improving for women in the workplace. Logically, we know that some good change has occurred for working ladies, but is it enough to put a crack in that sturdy glass ceiling?

As workplace discrimination lawyers, we think the glass ceiling does contain many small, perhaps hairline-sized fractures. However, we also know that women still suffer from significant workplace discrimination. Today, there are many female corporate executives, but many of them do not receive the same treatment that their male counterparts enjoy. Examples include:

  • Less income for the same or similar job positions
  • Passing over women for promotions
  • Sexual harassment from male coworkers
  • Refusing to hire qualified female executives

Workplace discrimination in the form of gender bias also affects many other areas of the Michigan workforce. In lower-paying positions within the food service or janitorial sectors, for example, women still suffer from mistreatment. Lower pay, sexual harassment and additional forms of gender discrimination come with many of the positions available to women in these and other industries.

We have witnessed firsthand how victimized women pinned beneath the glass ceiling can feel. Unfortunately, we cannot offer an immediate and all-encompassing “cure” for mistreated women workers in Michigan. What we can do is offer our legal assistance to all victims of gender discrimination.

Until the glass ceiling finally gives way and brings fair treatment to each member of the country’s workforce, legal action remains one of the best weapons against workplace discrimination. We invite you to continue exploring our site’s many resources for mistreated workers in our great state.


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