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Learn how our pre-termination counseling helps whistleblowers

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2019 | Whistleblowers |

Have you ever had a job in which you experienced a feeling that you were about to get fired? Perhaps you tried to ignore it and continue performing your duties. A few days or weeks later, sure enough, your boss calls you in and tells you that he or she no longer requires your services.

Now, imagine experiencing that feeling of doom after you have become a whistleblower and called out wrongdoing on the part of your employer. In these situations, your instincts might be accurate. As you might expect, termination is one of the most common retaliatory methods in which those accused of wrongdoing engage.

Even though it is 100% illegal to fire a worker solely because he or she blows the whistle on corruption, it happens more than you may think. Employers want to make the problem disappear as quickly as possible, so they wrongly terminate the involved worker.

Unfortunately, we have seen this happen to many whistleblowers in the Detroit area. To combat this problem, we have developed pre-termination counseling that helps whistleblowers address this type of retaliation before it ever occurs.

Employees who are also whistleblowers can come to our office and discuss their current work situation with our attorneys. Such counseling gives you a chance to head off any wrongful termination proceedings your boss may try to initiate. It also ensures that you prepare yourself for other retaliatory efforts on the part of your boss.

Even if your instincts turn out to be in error, counseling can improve your ability to cope with your job once you have blown the whistle. We invite you to learn more about whistleblowers, retaliation and professional pre-termination counseling. Continuing to read the information on our website is a great place to start.


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