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Don’t Quit Your Job Until You’ve Spoken With a Lawyer

There are many times when an employee senses that something is going wrong at work – or that an employer is up to no good. From being left out of important internal communications to having responsibilities mysteriously reassigned, workers and high-ranking executives should be aware of these red flags, which may indicate that something is amiss. The employment law attorneys at Sterling Employment Law can help employees avoid trouble through effective pretermination counseling.

Employers have legal counsel to protect themselves in a termination. Employees deserve equal protection of their rights. Before you lose your job – or quit – contact us and defend yourself.

Common Signs of Negative Employment Actions

Big companies have teams of lawyers guiding supervisors, managers and human resources staff on how to terminate an employee, often by “papering” an employee’s file to support their claims. Our attorneys will act as your legal counsel, strategically guiding you on how to fend off the claims your employer may be using to justify your termination.

Signs that negative employment action may be imminent include such behaviors as:

  • You are no longer invited to essential meetings.
  • You are left out of important phone conversations.
  • You don’t get a raise that you should have received.
  • Your key, longtime customers are reassigned to younger employees.
  • Your expense accounts – never questioned before – are rejected.

If you believe you might be terminated due to discrimination, for being a whistleblower or for some other protected reason, don’t take it without a fight. Protect yourself by talking with our pretermination counseling attorneys before you are fired and your employer gets the upper hand. We will sit down with you in a strategic meeting to discuss ways to counter your employer’s actions and help fight the charges against you. In the past, we have saved people from unjust dismissals, but if we cannot save your job, we can work to protect your best interests through negotiation or a lawsuit if necessary.

Discuss Your Situation With One of Our Lawyers

Our Detroit-based attorneys can provide pretermination counseling to individuals throughout Michigan. Call 248-633-8916 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.