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Don’t age yourself out of the employment process

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | Age discrimination |

Detroit is experiencing the same economic uncertainty that the rest of the nation is. While there appears to be a shrinking workforce, many older residents are learning that they need to re-enter the working world. Others require a second job simply to get by.

All your years of professional responsibility and knowledge should be a badge of honor. But the reality is, on a resumé, it can signal that you are an older applicant. The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) conducted an experiment wherein more than 40,000 resumés were submitted for positions seeking candidates. 

With all skills being roughly equalized, the younger job seekers aged 29 to 31 got the most interview offers. Those aged 49 to 51 were in the middle, but applicants 64 to 66 years of age had the fewest interview requests extended. If you are an older applicant who is re-entering the job market after a spate of unemployment or otherwise, there are a few ways to prevent age bias from affecting your chances of landing the job you want.

Age-proof your resumé

Revamping the style and substance of your resumé can boost the chances of your application making it to the second hiring stage — the interview. Wipe any graduation dates from your C.V. and eliminate older positions that have little relevance to the current labor market. Likewise, ditch any email addresses from email dinosaurs like AOL or Yahoo. Opt for a simple Gmail account and sign up for a free LinkedIn page that can modernize your resumé.

Refresh your tech skills

If you are lacking in this area, it will penalize you in the hiring process or on the job itself. Being tech-savvy in today’s job market is expected. Make sure your skills remain competitive.

Were you the victim of age discrimination on a job?

Even though age discrimination is illegal, it still occurs far too often. If you were downsized and lost a job or an employment opportunity due to your age, you may be able to seek civil justice by pursuing a case of age discrimination against the employer.


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