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Representing Victims of Age Discrimination

With the prevalence of restructuring and downsizing in today’s business world, companies are getting more creative finding ways to oust older workers. At Sterling Employment Law, our age discrimination lawyers in Detroit know that age discrimination can be subtle. We also know how to dig for evidence and prove that age discrimination took place.

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Age Discrimination in Layoffs: Comparing Apples to Apples

An employer might be guilty of unequally targeting older (or younger) workers when downsizing. A company is required to identify the titles and ages of every employee selected, as well as the ages and titles of the remaining employees in their group(s). Some companies are guilty of inaccurately listing these comparison groups, as they must provide the information for the relevant department. Essentially, employers must compare apples to apples.

ERISA Interference Claims

At Sterling Employment Law, we can also represent you if you were let go just prior to becoming vested in a retirement plan or a pension plan. If you were terminated to prevent you from obtaining all your hard-earned retirement benefits, contact us. We have significant experience with Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) interference claims.

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