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Experienced Legal Representation for University Professors

University professors are in a unique position when it comes to securing and retaining employment. Achievement of tenure can provide lasting job security and enable you to leave your mark. However, discrimination can make it difficult to retain or protect your job. At Sterling Employment Law, our Detroit university employee lawyers can help you protect your rights. You do not have to let discrimination get in the way of your pursuit of a successful career.

We understand the unique challenges that academic employees face. We have extensive experience handling university employment discrimination cases. Call 248-633-8916 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

Discrimination and Tenure

If you are an associate professor, you are not guaranteed a permanent position unless you are granted tenure. When tenure is achieved, you will have unparalleled job security. Unfortunately, this important career milestone can be hampered by discrimination.

For example, a department chairman does not want more women in his department, so he denies tenure to an experienced and qualified female assistant professor. The assistant professor has developed a teaching curriculum and publishing protocol over seven years of employment in academia, and it becomes useless overnight.

We Handle All Types of Discrimination Claims

At Sterling Employment Law, our legal team has extensive experience handling all types of discrimination claims, including:

Regardless of which type of discrimination you may have experienced, it is all against the law. Our Bloomfield Hills employment discrimination lawyers will work to hold employers accountable for their illegal acts. We will launch a thorough investigation into your claim in an effort to build the strongest case possible.

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You have worked too hard on your education and your career to have it derailed by employment discrimination. Contact our attorneys online or call 248-633-8916 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case. We normally take our discrimination and other employee cases on a contingent fee basis. If you do not recover compensation for your claim, neither do we. Our office is in the Detroit area.