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Helping Employees Negotiate Solid Severance Agreements

There is no doubt that losing a job causes immense stress. Employees may feel pressure to accept any type of severance that is offered to them and simply move on with their lives. However, an employer’s initial offer may not be in the employee’s best interest. At Sterling Employment Law, our Detroit severance agreement lawyers can review separation agreement offers with employees. We will ensure that your valuable interests remain protected and you do not take a lowball offer.

Losing a job creates enormous uncertainty. However, you should not allow emotions to cloud your judgment when considering a severance package. Contact our employment law attorneys at 248-633-8916 to schedule an appointment to discuss your severance agreement.

Common Problems With Severance Packages

Severance packages are drafted by the employer’s lawyer to protect the employer’s interest – you need a skilled employment law specialist to protect yours. Therefore, it is important to have an attorney at the law firm of Sterling Employment Law review your agreement to ensure that signing it will be in your best interest. Several problems may be inherent in the severance agreement, including:

  • The potential for giving up any later right to sue for discrimination
  • Offering fewer weeks of severance than the employer is actually liable for
  • Prohibitions on ever reapplying with the same company
  • Potential onerous tax ramifications
  • Releasing the employer from liability, leaving you vulnerable to potential lawsuits
  • Canceling your deferred compensation or stock options

You do not have to accept an agreement as it is initially offered to you. Located in Bloomfield Hills, our employment contract attorneys can help you negotiate with your employer for terms and conditions that are of greater benefit to you. We also handle litigation if your employer fails to live up to the promises of the agreement. We understand that this may be a difficult time in your life. However, we can help you through this part so you are put in the best position to move forward.

Call for a Consultation About Separation Agreements

You should not accept a severance package without having a legal representative review the terms. Contact our attorneys online or call 248-633-8916 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your severance offer.