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What Are Your Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?

The federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires certain employers to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave a year to employees who are suffering from serious medical conditions or whose family members are suffering from serious health conditions, as well as maternity/paternity leave to parents who have just given birth and employees who are adopting a child. At Sterling Employment Law, our Detroit Family and Medical Leave Act lawyers help people who have had their FMLA rights violated by their employers.

If you have been refused leave that you are entitled to under the FMLA, speak with our Michigan attorneys as soon as possible. Contact us at 248-633-8916 to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

Who Is Covered by the FMLA?

Coverage under the FMLA is determined by the size of the employer, the length of employment and the number of hours that the employee has worked over the previous 12 months. Our attorneys can let you know whether you meet the requirements necessary to be eligible for FMLA leave.

When Can You Take FMLA Leave?

An employee is eligible to take FMLA leave if he or she is suffering from a serious medical condition, including pregnancy-related conditions. An employee may also take leave to care for a seriously ill family member, which, under the law, may be a spouse, parent, parent-in-law, child, same-sex domestic partner, grandparent or grandchild. Nonserious health conditions of biological, adopted or foster children that require home care are also eligible for parental FMLA, or sick child, leave.

An employee is also eligible to take leave when they have a newborn or a newly adopted or newly placed foster child. In addition, leave may be taken when a family member is injured while on active military duty or when a qualifying exigency, as determined by the Department of Labor, arises related to a family member’s active duty military call-up.

Were You Denied Family Leave? Contact Our Firm Today.

Denial of FMLA leave benefits is against the law. If an employer has refused to provide you with the leave to which you are entitled, we may be able to help. Contact us online or call 248-633-8916 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.