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Senior-level executives who face disputes with employers need premium legal advice and services from an attorney with a proven history of specialized employment law success. This sort of experienced advice is the key to resolving matters quickly and in the strictest of confidence. At Sterling Employment Law, our Detroit executive representation attorneys have personally provided high-level corporate leaders in Michigan and across the country with exceptional legal counsel. We have represented numerous Fortune 500 companies and understand corporate protocols. We are prepared to put our experience to work for you.

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Providing a Fresh Look at Problems Faced by Corporate Officers

Senior executive-level employees and corporate officers (C-level) in need of individual legal assistance are typically referred to familiar large corporate law firms for assistance. While the lawyers at these firms are proficient in employment law, their mindset is typically aligned with corporate interests. They often are strategically unsuited to creatively address an employment dispute involving executive employment contracts and other matters, including discrimination, issues surrounding whistleblowing, disputes related to severance agreements, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, stock options, incentive compensation and related matters, from the fundamentally different perspective of the employee.

In these situations, you need an attorney who can break away from the corporate mentality and see your problems with an unbiased, fresh set of eyes. While many corporate or in-house attorneys are skilled at making the employer’s problems go away, they are not always equipped to fight for the best interests of an employee.

A Leader in High-Level Corporate Litigation

Attorney Raymond J. Sterling has a successful record of significant employment-related victories against Fortune 500 corporations and the largest law firms in the nation. His nationally renowned reputation of protecting employee rights is bolstered by his successful representation of top-tier executives, including chief executive officers, chief operating officers, chief information officers, chief financial officers, company presidents, boards of directors chair people and members, and other senior-level clients.

Whether a case involves aggressive negotiation or litigation, Mr. Sterling understands the highly sensitive nature of serving the legal needs of senior-level corporate executives.

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Sophisticated, high-level executives understand that premium professional services and guidance produce superlative results. When you face an employment dispute or require contract review or negotiation, call 248-633-8916 . References are available on request.