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Were You Recently Reassigned to a Less Desirable Sales Territory?

When a sales representative’s territory is realigned, he or she may struggle to achieve quotas. Depending on the differing demographics of the new territory, a sales representative may never realistically be able to return to their prior sales numbers. Our Detroit sales territory realignment and discrimination lawyers at Sterling Employment Law help protect the rights of sales reps.

If you are a sales employee and your territory was suddenly realigned without explanation, there is reason to question your employer’s motive. If you are being pressured to perform at unreasonable standards following a realignment, call us at 248-633-8916 for legal advice.

Discrimination Under the Guise of Territory Realignment

Territory realignment is commonly used as an excuse for age discrimination in instances of ageism and other types of discrimination, including racial discrimination and sex discrimination. If a sales employee is unfavored for any reason, it is simply too easy for a manager or supervisor to manipulate his or her sales numbers by realigning territory. Many employers give established territory to new, younger or more favored workers.

Then, when the more seasoned sales representatives can’t hit their quotas in their new territories, they may be fired or put on unreasonable performance improvement plans (PIPs) that will eventually lead to termination.

Sabotage through territory realignment has also been observed in discrimination cases based on race, gender, religion and national origin.

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If you believe your sales territory was unjustly given to someone else or you are being subjected to an inappropriate PIP, call 248-633-8916 or contact us online. We offer a seasoned team of employment law attorneys who will fight for you. Our offices are conveniently located near Detroit, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.